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Location strategy: Identify value, use opportunities

It is not uncommon for hotel concepts to work really well in one location and to fail completely in another. The more specific the positioning of a brand is, the greater the effects of location weaknesses are. To keep this risk under control for owners, investors and operators, Place Value carries out an in-depth analysis of the property development with regards to the micro and macro location.

We are convinced that the value of a hotel location can not be set using the superficial location categories of the property industry. We know how a hotel’s location can change. We identify hidden potential and take into account developments in the regional environment. We clearly differentiate between the standards of both leisure and business travellers and seriously assess the appeal of concepts. As a result, we encourage investments, where others may keep their distance, or we save investors from getting involved in unprofitable business in alleged prime locations.

Take advantage of this expertise and profit from it.