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Parking garages

Individual mobility is still very popular in Germany. This unbroken trend becomes obvious in the hotel business: destinations without sufficient parking have a clear location disadvantage. At Place Value, parking is an essential topic when carrying out location analyses and financial modelling, taking investment decisions, or advising our clients. In most cases, the value of an intelligent solution reaches beyond the primary goal of catering for the guests of a property: parking - if professionally designed - cannot only be managed economically but also be a rather profitable business.

Which parking concept is to be preferred depends on the local circumstances. For the typical constricted city locations parking garages are normally the optimal solution. Especially with our new hotel projects parking garages are an integral part of the planning from the very beginning. In addition, we efficiently and professionally manage existing parking garages and underground carparks. Here, our focus is on modern comfort, security without compromises, and innovative technology - certainly with optimum occupancy and full efficiency.