Place Value GmbH
Südliche Münchner Str. 32
D-82031 Grünwald
Tel +49 89 2000184-0
Fax +49 89 2000184-184

Our Vision

For more and more travellers the budget, economy or mid-scale hotel is a safe haven in a strange city. With the boom, demand is growing and pressure is increasing - poorly managed hotels have no future.

Only the good win through: Hotels that actually work. For the owner, the operator, the guest. We contribute to that by making sure that there are such hotels.

Our Mission

We provide professional support so that the commitment of landowners, investors, hoteliers and operators is worth it.

We do not wish to own, we want to move on. We develop hotels further, find and fill new sites or create new value at old locations. Our special expertise in the budget, economy and mid-scale segment enables us to have strategic clarity, comprehensive responsibility and consistent management. The advantage being that we implement concrete success on behalf of our clients.

Our Business

Our core business is the budget, economy, and midscale hotel business – a highly-dynamic, booming market with high margins. We are ideally positioned for this segment with organically grown expertise, a competent team, strong partners, and compelling references.

Our Target Groups

  • Hotel operators who want to increase the profitability of their operation
  • Franchisors looking for new opportunities for critical locations
  • Property owners who want to generate hotel returns
  • Investors looking for profitable projects in the hotel business
  • Senior hotel owners in need of a feasible succession plan
  • Banks and funds looking for new operators for non-performing loans